AIC is at the heart of a mosaic of business ventures and specializations. Yet, it is an independent, knowledge-based and result-oriented finance and investment company, operating as sole investor, investment partner, and provider of strategic, transactional and financial advisory services. In all these capacities, AIC follows an integrated approach that fuses the realities of the market with proven and state-of-the art strategies, leading to optimum performance. AIC value proposition to the market rests on its special corporate culture and distinct capabilities, particularly the high potential of its pool of competent and motivated staff, its business acumen and familiarity with market conditions, its adoption of swift decision-making systems, and its highly focused and methodical investment strategies, all of which provide a high guarantee of target fulfillment.


    We are entering our thirteenth year of operation, and have so far gone a long way, having emerged unscathed from the 2008 crisis through our balanced approach for the optimization of investment returns by diversifying and repositioning our proprietary and third party investments, in line with market changes and developments.


    Meanwhile, we remain focused on carrying out all our core activities as defined by our Articles of Association. In this connection, our main drive is the fulfillment of our mission to the best interest of our shareholders and clients, while sustaining our role of good corporate citizen.